What will you do to solve it?

4. Draw Inspiration


• Create list of needed modular elements to fulfil the customers JTBD
• Review and collate analygous examples of mental models where similar modular elements have been used / problems solved for in the past
• Leverage Brand TOV and Style guide elements

Ideation fodder for Options of ways in which to create value for our customer

• Reference material for ideation mapped to the customer JTBD


5. Ideation

(Select) (problem solution fit)

• To generate concepts for testing that link to the customers new (mental model and therefore  JTBD
• Align these concepts to known patterns, heuristics and principles
• Refine concepts against Desirability, and the business Feasibilty and Viability

Solution hypothesis (concepts) that we assume will deliver the users mental model of value derived from the interaction between the user and the buisness

• Solution concepts for testing