Jon Lax from Facebook on the Teehan + Lax story, and useful tips for design managers


So I ask teams and this has gotten some popularity in the company to answer three questions for me. Whenever I look at work, I wanted the answers to three questions and I don’t know if these are principles but this is the closest thing I have to principles. So the question I want to know is: What problem are you trying to solve? How do you know this is a real problem not just one you made up? And how will you know this will solve this problem for people?



How do you make toast?



#warm-up activity #think differently #build empathy

A slightly different way to use the ‘toast’ game:

  • In groups of <10
    • Go around in a circle where each member describes one step of the toast making process
      • You only have the number of steps in the process as there are the number people
    • Once you’ve gone clockwise – try again going anticlockwise

You’ll be amazed at the steps that people come up with.

This activity provides transparency as to how people think differently. The inclusion of multiple perspectives adds to a more complete picture.