The stages of a journey

The 5E's Diagram

The 5E’s Diagram

  • Entice What’s the trigger point (Problem occurrence or the thought of an upcoming problem) to start the user needing to fulfil their needs.
  • Enter What’s the first thing that your user does to interact with your Product / Platform / Service.
  • Engage (As shown, the engagement phase can also have it’s own journey depending on how in depth you want to explore)
    How do you streamline the process that the user goes through to find products, services and information etc. that they require to solve their needs? Or how do you make the process enjoyable to increase the use of your Product / Platform / Service.
  • Exit
    How do you end the transaction with the user? How do you give them the confidence that they achieved what they wanted to while using your Product / Platform / Service.
  • Extend
    In what ways to you reach out to your customer when they are not using your Product / Platform / Service to entice them back? How do you enable them to spread the benefits of your Product / Platform / Service to others based on their experience with you?

At each stage of this journey you can utilise the AEIOU framework

AEIOU stands for 5 elements to be coded: Activity, Environment, Interaction, Object, and User.

  • Activities are goal-directed sets of actions—paths towards things people want to accomplish. What are the modes people work in, and the specific activities and processes they go through?
  • Environments include the entire arena where activities take place. What is the character and function of the space overall, of each individual’s spaces, and of shared spaces?
  • Interactions are between a person and someone or something else; they are the building blocks of activities. What is the nature of routine and special interactions between people, between people and objects in their environment, and across distances?
  • Objects are building blocks of the environment, key elements sometimes put to complex or unintended uses (thus changing their function, meaning and context). What are the objects and devices people have in their environments and how do they relate to their activities?
  • Users are the people whose behaviors, preferences, and needs are being observed. Who is there? What are their roles and relationships? What are their values and prejudices?

AEIOU Reference:


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