How might we

How Might We.

Within this deceptively simple phrase each word plays a powerful role in spurring creative problem-solving.

“How” assumes that solutions exist and provides the creative confidence needed to identify and solve for unmet needs.

“Might” says that we can put ideas out there that might work or might not—either way, we’ll learn something useful.

“We” signals that we’re going to collaborate and build on each other’s ideas to find creative solutions together.

Asking “How might we” at the start of a team project is a creative problem-solving tool that can be applied to almost any ambitious, achievable challenge.

The output of a How Might We is generally conceptual and will usually end with the need to conduct research to make the conceptual idea more concrete.

Alternatively the How Might We could be used for quick wins whereby using available options better integrated, or orchestrating this option in a novel way to become the MVP needed to try out a new direction.

When How Might We’s are done in a group scenario, patterns will emerge and present both easy wins and thought starters. By grouping these areas of exploration thematically – a clarity will appear to not only lead the team to create a product worth making, but also find a problem worth solving.


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