Design Hypothesis

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Problem Framing



What do we mean by assumptions?

  • Assumptions arise in the absence of information
  • Predictions, both explicit and implicit
  • A simplistic perspective on something that is more complex
  • Focused on client desirability & usability for a solution

Why is it important to list and map assumptions?

  • Assumptions may be accurate, but often there is some distance between an assumption and reality

How do test / de-risk assumptions?

  • Experimentation
  • Identify the customer behaviour you are looking to test
  • Identify the metric you except to move, and how you predict it will move
  • Build a hypothesis on what you expect to happen


A Hypothesis is an assumption that you plan to test


Moonshot – High level statement
We believe – New experience
Will Solve – Customer need & Organisational opportunity
Enabled by – Full solution: People + Process + Technology
Resulting in – New attitude/ Behaviour / Result