Collective Ambition

Collective ambition

A summary of how leaders and employees think about why they exist, what they hope to accomplish, how they will collaborate to achieve their ambition, and how their brand promise aligns with their core values.

Your company’s reason for being; the core mission of the enterprise.

The position or status your company aspires to achieve within a reasonable time frame.

Targets and milestones:
The metrics you use to assess progress toward your vision.

Strategic and operational priorities:
The actions you do or do not take in pursuit of your vision.

Brand promise:
The commitments you make to stakeholders (customers, communities, investors, employees, regulators, and partners) concerning the experience the company will provide.

Core values:
The guiding principles that dictate what you stand for as an organization, in good times and bad.

Leader behaviors:
How leaders act on a daily basis as they seek to implement the company’s vision and strategic priorities, strive to fulfill the brand promise, and live up to the values.

The glue:
What binds you?

The grease:
How do you generate disciplined execution?