Current Project

One of the hardest things for any 15-year-old is to face is the prospect of deciding what they want to spend the rest of their lives doing – that will bring them joy and satisfy their lifestyle needs.

One problem I can see that I’ll try and solve – is awareness.

So I’m going to gather information from both sides and see what value I can bring to 15-year-olds and non-15-year-olds alike.

I think everyone has something to say – and everyone is curious about what others have to offer. So please click the links below and if you add your email – I’ll keep you in the loop and bring you the value that you have brought me.

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If you are about 15 years old and are being asked what you’d like to do with your life – please click here.


Alternately if you are above 15 and have a few words of wisdom that you think are worth sharing – I’d appreciate it if you click here

Thanks for sharing. Connect with me @jthoyer to see where this leads.