Chase Jarvis and Gary v

Gary v

99% of people don’t do anything with the information you give them. Which means there’s plenty of things for you to still do.

And the 1 % who do – they become your new peers. They were going to win anyway – you can’t stop winners

But you get to educate the rest, receive all the adulation, leave a legacy and live a wonderful life.

That’s the model

  • you’ve got to continuously play. Get the humility of playing with something for the first time
  • Design changes consistently – so you can’t simply master one thing and milk it for the next 40 years


Garry v seems to be a master of testing assumptions


If you want to be an artist – be an artist and don’t worry about charging. If you want to charge, you’re now a business person – not an artist. You’re in the supply and demand business – the game of economics.

Wrap your head around that.