#343: Seth Godin on How to Say “No,” Market Like a Professional, and Win at Life

  • Overwhelm is about shame.
  • Drinking from a firehouse is a really bad way to get hydration
  • I erect my own boundaries
  • You must construct your time in order to do important work

The worlds worst boss – is you

A choice about your time and effort made due to insufficiency is a bad choice

focussing on the hard work (and creating the asset that may not be valuable yet) will become far more rewarding and useful than consistently putting in the long work of the extra hour

Be a professional, consistent – know what your hand washing is

Thinking clearly and strategically allows you to focus on which clients to hire and which to fire when undertaking the hard work

You don’t want the drill, you want the hole. But you don’t actually want the hole, you want a place to put the expansion bit. But you don’t actually want that, you want to put up a shelf. But you don’t actually want that, you want the feeling you’ll get from when your partner is grateful to you for cleaning things up

How might we make things better, by making better things

First you might define your smallest viable audience and test like crazy to ensure they love what you are doing

What keeps us from starting is the idea that we are not as good as we think we are – that when we have defined our smallest audience, if we are rejected by them – it hurts. Living with that fear is the hard work of a professional

Empathy is hard because people are difficult – they don’t want what you want, they don’t think what you think, they don’t believe what you believe – and you want to serve them

stop asking what do you need and start being specific about what you do

Apply constraints to arrive at a minimum viable audience

If you’re drowning – you’re a lousy lifeguard (you’ve got to have self acceptance first)