The Crazy One: 13 Presenting: Building, setting up and giving a great presentation
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Confidence and ease 

Profit. Power. Pursuit. A CreativeLive Podcast with Tara Gentile: From the Archive: Humility & Public Speaking with Michael Port

On speaking

When you are talking to someone, you are playing a game of catch. No matter what concept you are throwing them – they must be able to accept, retain, comprehend and do something with it.

See also the pyramid principle

When public speaking, you must deliver on your promise. 

When being asked to speak – you must have a platform built on that unique promise.

Your fee will equate to the size of your platform.

Your platform is based on relevance & community need.
Build some intellectual property

  • Protocol based, or
  • Message based

Andrea Mallard 

Storytelling is everything

Show, don’t tell.

Use the Pixar storytelling principles to drive human truths to business to being stakeholders along the journey.

Design is the way to de-risk your go to market, by way of understanding who we are serving better, connecting to their humanity – being humble enough to iterate along the way to improve and to make sure they come along for the ride with us.