Mood over genre?

Music is the adrenaline that pumps through your veins, the calm on a sleepy weekend morning and the cause of new friendships at a summer festival.

With the hand in pocket availability to connect and discover new music, we are fast reaching a level of gathering and access that makes us second guess the effort needed to save a song, playlist or site/service. It’s become so easy to find, hear, enjoy and move on – that we would often experience something great and simply follow our discovery path at another location. There really is no need to save, curate and spread to every music player we own.

So then does it become a curation of bookmarks or a folder of apps rather than a playlist of songs and albums? With too many sites and services constantly springing up, half the time it’s easier to search for a genre or mood rather than default to the old trusty. Old trusty is hardly exciting and new.

The music for every moment (Spotify) I think is rapidly changing. We are generally so busy that news is consumed during the only time available – whilst on the treadmill. And the commute or downtime is just another allotted block of time that I have to be productive. So the question of what are you listening to may more frequently answered with ‘a podcast about…’ or ‘this book by that author’.

We are constantly trying to experience, escape or become more knowledgeable that listening to the same album 100 times may be a thing of the past. Music is no longer the only thing we wish to fill our time with.

S what are you listening to? And how did you find it? When is your favourite time to hear that type of sound? Discovery is the new game. Within a business model – the more you listen to the more time you will spend on our service which will lead to more chances for me to sell you something.

With regards to how music is currently categorised. I think that music currently so popularly split amongst genre, will become more prevalently categorised by mood, time of day, situation or any other method – sleep, sex, summer, odd.

And with more services come more curators, more categories and more experiences. Just the way I like it.