LinkedIn Speaker Series: Reid Hoffman and Eric Ries

A startup team

Cross Functional

Local Maxima – The best a product can be
Global Maxima – The best product in a space

The curse of product development:

What’s a big change? Who defines what’s big? – The size is determined in the eyes of the customer.

Your big change may go unnoticed by the customer. Your small change may be huge to the customer.

You need to test in the eyes of a customer.

If everyone is going to want your product, then ten people will want it. So it couldn’t hurt to test..

All metrics should be used as an innovation accounting dashboard.

The modern rule of competition is: Who ever learns fastest wins.
If you can figure out what’s going on, make decisions and act on those decisions faster than your competition – fundamentally you are a blur to them and they can’t do anything about it.

If you think what you do matters – prove it. Let’s
Have you actually accomplished anything?

How much more satisfying would it be if every time we took an action we knew for sure that it either worked or it didn’t work. And if it didn’t work, we had the ability to learn and immediately influence the next action.



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