Scott Berkun Lecture: The Myths of Innovation


Innovation is about habits. The steps, tasks and work that occurs before the moment.


Adam Savage’s SXSW 2014 Keynote Art and Science

Notes from this talk:

Every time you’ve adjusted the punchline of a joke to get a bigger laugh, you are working empirically of previous knowledge to build something better – that is a scientific approach.

The basics of science
1. Come up with a question
2. Form a hypothesis
3. Test Hypothesis

Science and Art are not separate.

Art & Science

How we converse about who we are and what we are doing.

1. Pay attention – patterns will emerge
2. Participate – question absolutely everything
3. Nothing is beyond your understanding

Culture is conversation – Conversations make us all better

All science is a form of storytelling just like art – they both have

Beginning > Middle > End
Hook > Hold > Payoff

LinkedIn Speaker Series with Clayton Christensen


What job is your <product, service, significant other> being hired to do in the lives of the people who want to use it?

Start of picking at the low hanging fruit, no one will notice.

Then constantly get better.

Soon, you’ll have the momentum and the tested capabilities to take on the market leading share of high end products and everyone will wonder where you came from.

Lexus didn’t start out developing high end cars.