Because storytelling is the ultimate artform

Craving realness

“We’re trying to do something that’s consistent with the Jay-Z brand,” Droga explains. “He does all these incredibly bold things in the music industry. He wants to do the same thing to the publishing industry. What’s bolder than putting every single page of your book out in the real world, so if someone wanted to read it or discover it, they don’t have to buy the book? He’s so confident that the story’s compelling, the reader will get so caught up in looking at this that they’ll want to buy the book.”

Case study here, here and here among others.


Entertainment, literature


Jay-Z in collaboration with Bing


Jay-Z Decoded

Engagement insight the “Why do I care?” component

Ultimate presentation meets ultimate fascination of cool.

Presented in an unparalleled way on the world stage, the wow factor hooked many into a deeper level of storytelling than had previously been accessible. Those who simply found the pages of the book in passing were intrigued and those who played the scavenger hunt like game were richly rewarded over 30 days with an early release of a uniquely experienced story of Jay-z’s life.

Social insight – belonging and identity

Within the culture of Hip Hop – cred and having a story to tell is everything.

Giving fans a chance to become ‘those in the know’ allowed them to rep their cool to their friends and allowed fans to become part of the discovery process through a collaborative effort across the web.

Digital idea/ thought starter

In collaboration with Bing – use search, maps and photos to discover and recreate the story of Jay-z’s life as told through the pages of the book – Decoded.

What’s the physical need the idea fulfills?

Creating your own discovery story through uncovering of the meaning and context behind Jay-z’s lyrics.

Interacting with the Hip Hop community and friends alike.

Respect and rewards from possibly being the first to find the page.

What product benefits does this digital idea highlight?

The product – a book, tells the story of Jay-z’s life as portrayed through his music.

In an offline world, fans were able to see, in real life, a page displayed with relevance to the place and context of the story. Through the digital collection, fans were able to reconstruct the entire story through the digitally found places and pages. The first to find each page received a signed print of that page. The first to find all pages won a double gold pass to every Jay-Z concert for life.


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