The elastic friendship we have with the sun

Hiding from the sun only makes us want it more

Ray-Ban have a long been the advocate for ‘Never hiding’. A contradictory statement as when someone wears glasses, it is an act that hides one thing from another. The sun from your eyes, the outside world from what you’re thinking et al.

‘Never Hiding’ usually depicted in their communications in a singular manner whereby one person is either brightly coloured (graphic treatment or colour of the glasses) or tearing up the town (behaviour), wearing the iconic Ray-Ban sunglasses.

What’s really interesting with this expression of the Ray-Ban brand values is the move from singular to group activity. Why try and convince one person at a time, when we can collectively convince multiple…

The execution will likely provide a great amount of data insight to help understand people’s wants and actions with regards to the sun and to wearing sunglasses. Currently the app is only available for use within Manhattan, and while seemingly limited, this app holds true to the birthplace of Ray-Bans and will also be a nice testing ground before rolling the app out worldwide.

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Digital communications,

An app that helps people experience the sun within a city of tall buildings, either singularly or in a group.

based on physical needs,

  • Warmth
    • Intimacy – gentle sun provides a warmth like that of a shared intimacy. And those who share the sun’s warmth, share that intimacy and create feelings of community.
  • Light
    • The rejuvenation and feeling of rebirth through light.

that highlight product benefits.

People will generally wear sunglasses when exposed to the sun. Through the quality of the lenses and the utility of the app people are reiterated the message of ‘Never Hide’ – Ray-Bans motto.


Pounding the pavement

Pounding the pavement… does more than make you sweaty

We run because we want space. To reclaim ourselves. To prove ourselves.

Who we are and what we are capable of is an identity that we create daily, through our work and play.

Through smartphone apps such as Nike+GPS, Reebok’s The Promise Keeper and iMapMyRun we have a mobile way for people to monitor themselves and be identified by our actions creating trackable achievement, all with a little help along the way.

Running is much more enjoyable when you’re able to see your progress and share it with others.

Digital communications,

Smartphone apps

based on physical needs,

Freedom, a measuring stick and a need to be social.

that highlight product benefits.

Whilst running, you will see the benefits of our products.