Always validate your data

Always have real validated data as to ‘why’

“Much of our thinking about experience design is based on the belief in the appropriateness (and necessity) of asking, “Why?” Why do we do things the way that we do? There’s a story we heard about a behavioral study in which five monkeys were put in a room with a banana hanging from the ceiling by a string. The only other thing in the room was a chair, which was high enough that a monkey standing on the chair could reach the banana. There was also a way for the observing team to spray the monkeys with ice-cold water if they tried to stand on the chair to reach the banana. A short time after the monkeys had been trying to get the banana and after all had been uncomfortably soaked, the monkeys started to get wise.

They stopped climbing on the chair. The researchers would then remove one of the monkeys and bring a new one in. Whenever the new member would try to go for the banana, the others would prevent it from getting on the chair. After a period of rotations, all of the monkeys who were in the first round had been replaced, yet the remaining monkeys would prevent any newly introduced monkey from climbing on the chair, even though none had firsthand experience of being sprayed with the cold water.”

from “Experience Design: A Framework for Integrating Brand, Experience, and Value” by Patrick Newbery, Kevin Farnham


A Talk at AIGA: Designers, make this ONE mindset change in 2018 to drive massive business value

A Talk at AIGA: Designers, make this ONE mindset change in 2018 to drive massive business value


4 JAN ⋅ 28:00

Our co-host, Bobby, was an opening speaker at AIGA Conference 2017. Bobby breaks down why the design industry has lost touch with customers and how specialized roles in design continue to fuel the problem. He also offers a mindset change to help your business in a BIG way this year. Join us.

AIGA is the profession’s oldest and largest professional membership organization for design, AIGA advances design as a professional craft, strategic advantage, and vital cultural force.

Bobby Ghoshal is the co-host of High Resolution and co-founder of Candid Co

We are sales people. We need to speak the language of business where Design delivers the value of useful utility.

Chase Jarvis and Gary v

Gary v

99% of people don’t do anything with the information you give them. Which means there’s plenty of things for you to still do.

And the 1 % who do – they become your new peers. They were going to win anyway – you can’t stop winners

But you get to educate the rest, receive all the adulation, leave a legacy and live a wonderful life.

That’s the model

  • you’ve got to continuously play. Get the humility of playing with something for the first time
  • Design changes consistently – so you can’t simply master one thing and milk it for the next 40 years


Garry v seems to be a master of testing assumptions


If you want to be an artist – be an artist and don’t worry about charging. If you want to charge, you’re now a business person – not an artist. You’re in the supply and demand business – the game of economics.

Wrap your head around that.